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Thank you! Your tax-deductible contribution provides much-needed information and resources to people affected by autism.
Your donation supports autism education, awareness, advocacy, and most importantly, enable us to assist individuals and families living with autism. 

To Donate Online via Credit Card or Paypal: 

donate_heart.jpg Make a donation by credit card, or pay through your PayPal account, using the Paypal link below.  It's safe and secure, using the latest encrypted technology.  

 Choose below to make a General Donation, or click on the small arrow to choose to make a donation "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of" an individual.  If making a donation in memory or in honor of someone, please type the honoree's name in the box. 

 **If paying for a Resource Table at an Autism Walk, please type "Resource Table" in the box.**

 After clicking on "Donate", please enter the donation amount when prompted for a "price per item." Do NOT enter a dollar sign ($). After entering an amount, you'll have the opportunity to chose Paypal or payment by credit/debit card. 

Please Enter Full Name of Person Being Honored (if applicable).


Prefer to send a check:

Please make checks payable to "Autism Society of Oregon" and mail to: 

   Autism Society of Oregon
   P.O. Box 69635
  Portland, OR 97239

Prefer to donate using an alternate method:

If you'd like to arrange a donation in another manner, please contact us toll-free at: 1-888 - AUTISM - 1 (1-888-288-4761) or click here for email. 

Thank you for your support!