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Auditory Processing

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Fun with Directions HD

Ages 3-8
iPad and iPhone

"Fun with Directions is a ground-breaking app for the iPAD, designed to provide a fun and engaging way to practice listening, following directions, colors, spatial concepts, auditory memory and auditory processing. From the simplest of directions (“Touch the cat”) to the more complex (“With your orange crayon, color the large one that is a furry pet and likes to chase mice”) your child can grow and learn with this game over time. Colorful, vivid art and animations against a white background combine to create a complete game experience without visual clutter. Sound effects and surprises keep the game engaging! This app is a great choice for a toddler/preschooler, or any young child who would like to practice listening to or reading directions!

Areas of Enrichment

  • Auditory Processing
  • Following Directions
  • Lang/ Communication


Auditory Processing Studio

Ages 7+

"Auditory Processing Studio was created by a certified speech and language pathologish for adults and children ages 7 and up who exhibit Central Auditory Processing Disorder or other auditory processing disorders. This research-based app implements the bottom-top approach to treatment of auditory processing disorders and focuses on improving auditory processing through auditory discrimination, auditory closure, and phonological awareness activities. Users can also introduce background noise to help children or adults practice their listening skills in a noisy environment"

Areas of Enrichment

  • Auditory Processing