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Any Age

Designed by a BCBA and biomedical engineer, ABABasic makes running a discrete trial something you can do anytime it's convenient. The discrete trial is the cornerstone of many beginning ABA (applied behavior analysis) programs. ABABasic makes running these trials accessible, easy to run, and records all the data into an easy to use and automatic email file, perfect for transferring data to paper file, PC or Mac. Simply (by iPhone camera or web) take pictures of what you want to test (i.e apples, bike, words, etc) and launch ABABasic. This app will prompt you for all necessary information and set up is a snap. the student can either select the items off the iPhone or use as a guide for present tangible items. All data is recorded and emailed

Areas of Enrichment

  • ABA


See.Touch.Learn Pro

Ages 4-8

A Picture Card Learning System replaces all your physical flash cards. Award winning, easy to use and chosen by over 400,000 people in 104 countries! Create custom lessons using your own images or choose from over 4,400 pictures and 2,200 exercises developed by professionals. The Brain Parade Community gives you access to thousands more shared by your peers.

Areas of Enrichment

  • AAC

  • Lang/Communication

ABA Flash Cards & Games

Ages 1-5
iPad and iPhone

"Identifying, understanding, and responding appropriately to emotions is a very important skill for every child. In this application we cover over 20 different emotions via gorgeous flash cards and interactive games."

Areas of Enrichment

  • ABA
  • Emotions


ABA Find It!

Ages 2-7
iPad and iPhone

ABA Find It provides children with autism and other special needs with a fun and interactive approach to learning. With Stanley the Elephant as their guide, ABA Find It helps each child identify objects across different categories using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) techniques and high-quality imagery.

Areas of Enrichment

  • ABA
  • Following Directions
  • Attention to Task