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Respite Day

Respite Day

6430 NE 27th Avenue – Portland, Oregon 97211

Concordia University Respite Day

Date: March 8, 2014
Time: 12:00 – 4:30PM
Where: Concordia University Gymnasium
6430 NE 27th Avenue – Portland, Oregon 97211
Pre-Registration Required
To register go to:
Ages: 3-14 Children with Special Needs and siblings.

Concordia University college of Health and Human Services and Bethesda Lutheran
Communities staff and faculty are hosting an event that is dedicated to parents and
caregivers of children with special needs. Student volunteers majoring in: Nursing,
Exercise Sports and Science, Health Care Administration, Social Work, and Education,
provide 1:1 support. The kids will have a chance to participate in arts and crafts,
games, physical exercise, technology, music, and a quiet sensory space.
This special time for your child provides you with a moment to relax, go shopping,
catch a movie, run errands, or take a nap. While you relax, you can rest assured your
child is being well cared for by the students and faculty of Concordia University and
Bethesda Lutheran Communities.

For more information:
Please call
Mona Fuerstenau
(360) 624-3847

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