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Learn to use a "Talker"

Learn to use a "Talker"

830 NE 47th Ave Portland, OR 97213
We recognize how difficult it can be learning to use a speech generating device not to mention how hard it is to integrate it into your child’s (and your) everyday life. Therapists can make is sound so easy….it’s NOT. Abigail Genzer, an amazing mom of a kiddo that successfully uses a talker, has offered to lead a “parent group discussion” for families that are attempting to get going on the use of their talkers.
It will be a laid back group where you can exchange tips, ideas, and stories. It will hopefully give everyone that attends support and hope.

Abigail will be at the Providence Child Center Wednesday June 19 from 6:30- 8 pm.
Please RSVP if you can attend.

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