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Gluten Free Food Fair & Autism Talk

Gluten Free Food Fair & Autism Talk

6651 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR

Gluten Free Food Fair
with FREE TALK: The Gluten & Autism Connection 

Date:  May 18, 2013

Time:  11am - 3pm (Food Fair); The Gluten & Autism Connection Talk (1pm- 2pm) 

Place:  Mittleman Jewish Community Center
           6651 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 

Cost:  Gluten & Autism Connection Talk is FREE; Fair entrance is $10/individual; $15/family 

At the Gluten Free Food Fair, sample products from over 60 gluten-free businesses.

The Gluten & Autism Connection Talk: "Why Should Someone with Autism Consider Going Gluten Free? Children and adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum often have comprised digestive abilities. Learn why this is so, how what you eat affects your belly and your brain, and why so many people wiht autism are benefitting from going gluten free!"

Talk given by Dr. Julie Glass. Dr. Glass has been practicing medicince since 1999, and she has helped many of her patients with autism improve their health with gluten-free diets. You can learn more about Dr. Glass at, or contact her by phone at: 503-522-6356.

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