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Executive Function Skills

Executive Function Skills

Portland, OR


November 18-19, 2015, Portland, OR

with Sarah Ward

This two-day seminar is all about providing practical, hands-on activities, and is for both beginners and advanced learners!  

From task initiation and execution to time management, learn how to use strategies such as "Future Sketch", "Get Ready, Do, Done", "STOP and Read the Room", and seeing and sensing the passage of time.  Along with learning hands-on and ready-to-use strategies, workshop participants will be able to define Executive Function Skills and Executive Dysfunction.  They will learn how situational awareness, self-talk, forethought and episodic memory are the foundational skills for successful task evaluation.  

Activities will focus on updating participants' knowledge, increasing their understanding of concepts and applications, and promoting evidence-based practice.  For each strategy there will be examples for elementary, middle and high school aged students.  Be sure to provide us with the grades that you teach or the ages of the children that you work with and we we will provide you with that age level content for your hands on activities.  

Through the strategies learn how student's executive function skills advance with age.  Because EF is an age-related skill, often kids exhibit a developmental delay in the acquisition of these skills it can be helpful to understand the strategies that are used for each developmental age.  You learn how to teach students by DOING IT!

During this two-day intensive workshop through demonstration and practice, you will learn how to teach students the following executive control skills:

  • Awareness: to "Tune in" to what is happening around them so they can understand how information, events, and their actions will impact their goals and objectives, both now and in the near future
  • Forethought: to predict the successful outcome of tasks and to know what a "stop spot" looks like
  • To Wait: to control a reaction long enough to contemplate the outcomes of their choices
  • Planning Skills: to estimate how long tasks will take, to be able to sense the passage of time, and to know how to break down the steps for immediate tasks, nightly homework and long term projects
  • To Shift: to fluidly transition from one mental mindset to another and to be able to stop doing one activity and then move on to and be prepared to start new tasks
  • To Pace: to speed up or slow down within a given time frame, to complete tasks within allotted time and to persist on tasks even if the tasks are difficult, boring or non preferred.  
  • Flexibility: to consider multiple possible solutions to problems, to see the "gray" in a situation and to avoid having black and white, or rigid thinking.
  • Processes: for creating and maintaining systems to have clean personal and shared spaces, to organize their personal belongings and school materials
  • Methods: for "how to study" for tests and to retain information
  • Metacognition: to "think about thinking" to plan, monitor and assess performance and to know strategies for learning, thinking and problem solving for new tasks or contexts.

If you have the basics of the theory of executive function skills under your belt, and are still wondering about the "how" to do it with your student or child, you cannot afford to miss this workshop!

Group Rates:  

  • Discounts for groups of 5 or more at $295 per person if payment is received before October 25th
  • Discounts of $320 per person if received after October 25th
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Cancellation Policy

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  • Refunds will not be granted after November 4, 2015


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Contact Info for registrations:

John Freethy: Nehalem, Oregon

Transdisciplinary Workshops, Inc., Portland, Maine Tel: 207-846-8643 Fax: 207-846-1296


Double Tree by Hilton Portland

1000 N.E. Multnomah Street Portland, OR 97232


Information regarding group rates for lodging will be posted on March 7th. 


Date: Nov 18, 2015 - Nov 19, 2015
Start Time: 8:30 AM
End Time: 3:30 PM
Speaker(s): Sarah Ward, MS CCC-SLP
Location: Double Tree - Portland, Oregon
Early Tuition Due Date: Oct 25, 2015
Early Tuition: $340
Late Tuition: $365
Intended Audience: Special Educators, Teachers, SLP's, Psychologists. Parents and Professionals
Audience Capacity: 300
Tags: training