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Employment is Everyone's Job

Employment is Everyone's Job

Please Join us at the upcoming Community of Practice webinar, Employment is Everyone's Job: Employment team collaboration and


Panel members:

  • Theresa Knowles- ODDS Employment Specialist,
  •  Stephanie Roncal- ODDS Program Analyst,
  •  Diane Ashley- VR Counselor,
  •  Pennie Hartley- VR Counselor 

 Panel members will cover the following topics:

  • Team member roles,
  • Service planning and coordination, 
  • Timelines and collaboration points,
  • How discovery and stabilization trigger next steps,
  • Frequently asked questions

With a focus on team collaboration and coordination, this presentation will offer tips, tricks, stories and examples for making our service systems compliment and build upon each other. There will be time for questions, conversation and resource sharing.


Date and time: Thursday, January 5, 2017 10:00 am PST

Link to log in: 

Call-in toll number (US/Canada)

Access code: 667 030 445

What is a CoP?  A CoP is not a standard webinar in which a presenter provides information to his/her audience with time for a few questions.  Rather, it is primarily a discussion, with some presentation of information and materials, but those are meant to engage attendees in dialogue about key facets of the topic.

How do you as an attendee interact?  The host and panelists will share basic information to spur conversation. All attendees will be muted throughout the CoP, and are asked to engage in the discussion by typing comments, thoughts, questions, etc., into the CHAT box inside the webinar platform. 



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