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Common Core Standards in Special Ed

Common Core Standards in Special Ed

501 N Dixon, Portland OR 97227

FACT Forum: Common Core Standards in Special Education

Date:  Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Time:  7:00 – 9:00 pm

Place:  Blanchard Education Center/Portland Public Schools Administrative offices
Board Room
501 N. Dixon
Portland, OR 97227

 Informational flyer (in English)

Informational flyer (in Spanish)

Registration is required. Call 1-888-988-FACT or email with questions or assistance with registration.

FACT, in collaboration with Portland Public Schools, invites you to attend a forum to learn about the complex and often misunderstood topic of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and what it will look like for students receiving special education. Come learn from our expert speaker, Elizabeth Jankowski, Educational Consultant from Western Regional Resource Center, a project of the University of Oregon.

The intent of this forum is to provide information and give parents and professionals a better understanding of implementation of CCSS, an introduction to standards-based IEP goals, and the new Smarter Balance assessment. Understanding these changes will prepare you to support your student at his/her next IEP and in preparation for future assessments.


La FACT, en colaboración con las Escuelas Públicas de Portland, le invita a que asista al foro para aprender sobre el tema, a menudo complejo e incomprendido, de los Estándares Estatales de Tronco Común (CCSS) y lo que significará para los estudiantes que reciben educación especial. Venga y aprenda de la ponente experta, Elizabeth Jankowski, Consultora Educacional del Centro de Recurso Western Regional, un proyecto de la Universidad de Oregon.

El propósito del foro es proporcionar información y mejor entendimiento a padres y profesionales de la implementación de los CCSS, una presentación de las metas IEP con base en estándares y la nueva evaluación Smarter Balance (un balance más inteligente). Entender estos cambios lo prepararán para apoyar al estudiante en su siguiente IEP y para la preparación de las evaluaciones en el futuro.

Elizabeth Jankowski has spent considerable time as a special education consultant and professional development specialist at Heartland Area Education Agency in Iowa, training on such topics as response to intervention, curriculum-based evaluation, and special education/general education collaboration. She began her career as a special education teacher, including time spent teaching overseas. Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in elementary and special education, and a master’s degree in special education.


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