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Collaborative Problem Solving Webinar

Collaborative Problem Solving Webinar

Neal Sternberg invites you to attend a AACRC Web training on Collaborative Problem Solving.

In this introductory training, Dr. Stuart Ablon provides a foundation for clinicians, direct care staff, educators and parents interested in learning the evidence-based approach to understanding and helping youth with behavioral challenges called Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS). CPS has been applied successfully in homes, schools and therapeutic programs across North America.This training serves as the prerequisite for intensive training Tier 1 certification training in CPS. CPS provides a new way of understanding and helping kids who struggle with behavioral challenges. Challenging behavior has traditionally been thought of as willful and goal-oriented which has led to approaches that focus on motivating better behavior using contingency management approaches such as point and level systems. However, research in the neurosciences over the past 30 years clearly demonstrates that for the majority of these kids their challenges result from a lack of crucial skills when in areas like problem solving, frustration tolerance, self-regulation and flexibility. The CPS approach, therefore, focuses on helping adults teach the skills these children lack through a relational and empathic process while resolving the chronic problems that tend to precipitate challenging behavior.

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