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ASW Conference

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Autism Society of Washington 2013 Annual Conference
Safety and Vulnerability
November 9, 2013
Red Lion Conference Center, Olympia, WA

Safety awareness is a topic that goes far beyond cupboard and door latches and ID bracelets. The level of
risk and vulnerability for individuals with ASD is as varied and complex as their individual diagnosis. And it
changes with growth and development and varies from setting to setting. There is no single set of tools and
applications that apply to every person and every situation.
Following the program, please join us for our 2013 Annual Membership Meeting and learn more about the
Autism Society of Washington and our plans for 2014.

Keynote Address:
The Challenges in Effectively Addressing the Needs of all Impacted by Autism
Scott Badesch, President/CEO of the Autism Society of America


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