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Are Early Reading Interventions Really Necessary?

Are Early Reading Interventions Really Necessary?

4805 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR

Are Early Reading Interventions REALLY Necessary?
This presentation will address some of the following areas:

  •  What is the expected progression of early literacy skills in young children?
  •  How soon do parents need to watch for these skills?
  •  How important is oral language development to literacy?
  •  What if my child/student is not meeting early benchmarks? What should happen for them?
  •  Is early intervention really necessary? Won't my child/student catch up in a year or two?
  •  What does reading research tell us about early literacy skills?
  •  What can parents and preschool teachers do to help early literacy skills develop?
  •  What should I do if all of my efforts as a parent/preschool teacher/educator don't work?

Who should attend this presentation?

  •  Parents of preschool to middle school children
  •  Preschool teachers and administrators
  •  Advocates for children with learning differences
  •  Educators
  •  Specialists
  •  Principals

Admission: Free. (Donations of $5 are accepted to defray the cost of event supplies.)
Please RSVP at:

Monday, Feb. 3, 2013
7pm - 9 pm
Providence Portland Medical – Cancer Center
 4805 Northeast Glisan Street
 The Social Room

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