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Adult Autism


Training ID: 436-874-940

Webinar - Adult Autism: Through "Discovery" and "Person Centered Plan" Identify Supports of Functional Communication and Choice


If you have been in the developmental disability-social service realm for any length of time, you most likely have heard and possibly used the Discovery Process or participated in a Person Centered Plan. These best practice, industry tools like Marc Gold’s Discovery have helped us see the employability skills of a person with a developmental disability, while John and Connie O’Brien’s work and contribution provides a process that brings quality and dignity of community life to people with developmental disabilities through Person Centered Planning (PCP). We also have tools to move plans into practice, like MAPS (Making Action Plans), PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows through Hope), Essential Lifestyle plans and more. 

this training will provide a process to extract information from these plans ​that will help identify​

Autism specific, best practices strategies necessary for communication, choice, independence and learning. 

This two-part series will: 
1. Review information gathered from the Discovery and PCP 
2. Introduce you to an ASD Characteristic Checklist 
3. Provide a list of strategies identified for specific ASD characteristics 
4. A tool to outline support development 
5. A plan to tie it altogether with a sustainable action plan 

Sound complicated? Well, it is not! Join me this October 6 and 13th 3pm to learn more about supporting Adults with Autism in community living and employment. 

Cost: $49

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